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Neopedia : Wheel of Misfortune

A Zafara in the Deserted Fairground

Location: Deserted Fairground
Cost: 150 NP
Operator: Unknown

A cold wind creeps across the fairgrounds, picking up little pieces of rubbish and dropping them down again. It whips around the corners, and hides in the empty stalls, spinning up little whirlwinds as it does. It also nips at the feet of a little blue Zafara, who walks along the dusty paths.

Her hands cling to each other, and her eyes dart this way and that. She watches every shadow. When the wind pulls down a piece of lumber, which clings by a single rusty nail to the abandoned popcorn stand, she almost jumps out of her fur.

"Nothing to be afraid of," she says. "Nothing to be afraid of."

At the end of the row, she finds the thing she's been looking for. The Wheel of Misfortune stands three times taller than she does, and creaks as the wind pulls upon its weight. The click clack click of the wheel echoes down towards her. It's a wheel -- a wheel made of tree roots, and skulls, and... is that an eyeball?

She almost loses her nerve right then, but a shadowy figure appears beside her. "Hello, little one," the tall Gelert says, sweeping his hat off in a mocking bow. "And what might you be doing here?"

She jumps again, this time to the left, spilling empty papers all over the dirty road and falling into a candyfloss cart. The wind catches the litter now strewn across the ground and, picking it up, carries the fluttering debris down the road, back in the direction that she had come.

"You came for the Wheel?" the tall stranger asks.

The Zafara looks up at him, her eyes wide as saucers. All she can do is nod.

"Everyone does!" he says. "Just step right up, grab 'hold and..." He pauses, his teeth glistening in the moonlight. "Pull..." he says, the word whistling through his teeth.

The shadowy stranger

Returning to her feet, she watches the tall, shadowy figure with the funny hat as he motions to the Wheel.

"Go on," he says. "You never can tell what the Wheel might give..."

The blue Zafara steps closer.

"...or take away," the spooky Gelert says, just under his breath, as she puts her hands on the Wheel...

And pulls.