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Neopedia : Hannah and the Pirate Caves - Part 2

Hannah looked at the shoreline of the underground cavern. "Now, all I have to do is find a way out." She picked a side and started swimming. Ten minutes later, she stood at the edge of the lake, checking her supplies. A bit of bread, some fresh water, a coil of rope, and a small watertight box that contained pieces of flint and steel. Always carry flint and steel, her grandfather taught her. Never know when a good fire might come in handy. She smiled at the thought of sitting by his side, listening to his stories of the high seas... but then another darker memory filled her thoughts, and she put her mind to focusing on the present.

She was still in the caves... and even though they looked familiar, nothing seemed to match her map. "I know this place," she said. "But everything's changed."

A flash of light blinded her, and laughter filled her ears. Hannah's hands reached up to guard her sight, and through her fingers she saw where the laughing came from. A black hat sat crooked on his head; the scars on his face made his smile look twisted, and his only remaining eye was filled with wicked glee.

"Hello, Hannah dear," he said through broken teeth. "What are you doing here?"

Hannah scowled at the man and the three pirates behind him - each with bows trained at her head. "Hello, Uncle Bloodhook," she said through gritted teeth. "You know what I'm here for."

"The Mermaid's Tear," he said, nodding. "That little bauble is mine."

"It was my grandfather's!" she shouted at him. "You stole it from him, just before you..." Hannah couldn't bring herself to finish the thought.

"That's right," Bloodhook said, drawing his sword. "And when I take it from you, I'm gonna do the very same thing."

She ducked and dodged backward, his sword swinging too high. Hannah ran down the corridor, arrows ricocheting off the walls around her.

"Get her, you fools!" he shouted. "Or you'll all be hanging from the mizzenmast!"

She ran down the caves, turning at random, hoping to lose the pirates. However, that also meant she was going further and further into caves - without keeping track on her map. I'll lose the pirates, but I'll lose myself, too, she thought.

After taking another turn, and climbing up a steep incline, she entered a small chamber... loaded with boxes, and barrels... and no other exit. Spinning about, Hannah heard the pirates' voices close behind her. Were they at the base of the incline? She looked around for a weapon... anything she could use. That's when Hannah saw what was printed on the sides of those cases.

Caution: Black Powder

A smile slowly grew on her face, as she looked down to see the pirates at the base of the incline. Tearing off part of her skirts, Hannah reached for the flint and tinder kit in her pouch. "Always carry flint and steel," she whispered, shoving a piece of lit cloth into a hole at the top of the barrel. "Thanks, grandpa." She pushed the black powder barrel down the incline, then watched the pirates look up, surprised...

She just might get out of here, after all.