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Neopedia : Princess Amira

Princess Amira Name: Princess Amira
Species: Aisha
Gender: Female
Interests: Music and the arts
Best known for: Being the eldest daughter of the late King Coltzan III and ruling the kingdom of Sakhmet
Dreams of: A life without boring officials and foppish suitors pestering her constantly
Quote: "For the last time, NO!"

Princess Amira Often overlooked because of her absence (due to official business) when her father King Coltzan III was assassinated, Princess Amira is currently the ruler in Sakhmet. As she is the eldest child of King Coltzan III, the people look to her for guidance and hope that the city of Sakhmet will one day be restored to its former glory. Her younger sister, Princess Vyssa, is said to be studying rule of Sakhmet at Princess Amira's side. The two rarely argue in public, but palace rumours indicate that relations are not so friendly in private.

Princess Amira is personally described as beautiful, elegant, cultured, and refined. Due to her overwhelming beauty, many young admirers have asked for her hand. One such incident went horribly awry for the city of Sakhmet, but Princess Amira stood her ground. Sakhmet was invaded, removed to an alternate dimension, and nearly destroyed, but in the end, true love won out... fortunately, for someone else.

Under Amira's rule Sakhmet has become a peaceful, thriving, law-abiding place; as Amira puts it, "terribly boring." Whenever she gets a moment to herself, the Princess longs for some excitement to come her way....