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Neopedia : Rufus

Name : Rufus
Species : Kougra
Occupation : Grand Bogen
Favourite Fruit : Anything that doesn't leave a nasty stain
Greatest Honour : Being crowned 'Grand Bogen'
Quote : "I don't think I'm ever going to get this fruit juice
out of my fur, but it's well worth it, to be 'Grand Bogen!'"

"Well, I must say, I was quite honoured to be chosen as this year's 'Grand Bogen', indeed," tells Rufus, adjusting his lei. "They just asked me out of the blue. I was totally shocked and flattered that they had chosen me. I didn't know what to say..."

"There I was examining the sleeping habits of my newest Ghoti, when the island elders approached me. I couldn't imagine why they would want to talk with me. All I ever do is drone on about these unique Petpets, but they insisted that I be the one to have the great honour of hosting the festivities.

Truly, this was one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. During the opening ceremony, I was crowned with the Bogen headpiece and had a beautiful lei draped around my neck. That was just the beginning, though; the celebration was an absolute blast! After weeks of intensive planning, I was totally prepared for anything.

Happy guests mean happy fruit!

My duties were to welcome the guests, and see they were always pleased. Otherwise, folklore dictates that the fruit would sense any displeasure and not rise for the harvest. It was quite difficult keeping so many different guests happy, but us Kougras are a strong species, and can handle just about anything! Why, one guest demanded I re-cook her tigersquash three times, but I was eager to make them happy and made sure everyone's food was perfectly prepared to their taste. I was also careful that no one was served a drink that matched their oufit, as it is common knowledge that drinking a cocktail the same colour as your hula skirt is forbidden at the Gadgadsbogen festival (which is silly, as that would be so helpful in hiding the stains from the drinks, but what do I know).

After dinner, I quickly began cleaning up all the leftover fruit rinds, so the guests wouldn't become displeased with the mess. Their laughs and smiles before they left to enjoy the Limbo Competition was all the thanks I needed. I was a bit late joining the competition, as there was much cleaning to do, but I'm sure they had no qualms with my tardiness. After all, I WAS the 'Grand Bogen.'

After the celebrations had ended, the guests thanked me for being such a wonderful 'Grand Bogen.' I'm glad to report that they left happy and fulfilled, which is as much as I could ever ask. I waited until every quest had left, personally thanking each one for coming, before resuming my final honour of making sure the area was clean. The elders explained to me that the fruits would be most displeased if the 'Grand Bogen' allowed any litter to be left behind."

Well, that's how it all happened. I'm still in awe I was chosen, and how successful the celebration was. I must have done a good job cleaning up every scrap, as the elders have assured me the harvest is doing quite well.