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Neopedia : Kreludor

Location: Orbiting Neopia
Native Populace: -Data removed-
**Unauthorised data removal detected**
Gravity: 31% that of Neopia.
Breathable Air: 90% of normal quality.
Areas of Interest: Cafe Kreludor, Neocola Machine, Kreludan Homes, and Booktastic Books.
Off-limits Areas: Kreludan Mining Corp.

Kreludor, Neopia's only known moon, seems to be largely inhabited by Orange Grundos. Since most of the moon is fairly uninhabitable, the orange moon-base houses the majority of the population and provides a place of commerce for visitors.

Other areas of note are the rather suspicious Neocola Machine and, of course, the mine, which is guarded by the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot.

Although little further information is available about Kreludor at this time, sources indicate that the Kreludan Mining operation may be led by the nefarious Dr. Frank Sloth. The strength of his grip on the moon is unknown, as the surface seems serene, but one can only wonder what lies beneath it all...