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Neopedia : Dorak the Krawk

Name : Dorak
Species : Krawk
Age : Four
Occupation : Rowing a boat and collecting dubloons
Hobbies : Playing Krawps, counting his Neopoints,
and pretending he's sailing the Black Pawkeet
Favourite Foods : Chip butty with tomato sauce,
extra meaty pie, and a cold bottle of krawkade
Quote : "Finders keepers, losers weepers."

If you ask any Krawk Islander about a certain famous resident they'll tell you a fascinating tale of a young Krawk with high hopes, golden dubloon dreams, never-ending aspirations, who sailed across the Neopian seas searching for his lost love and a mysterious new land... which, in fact, is not the story of Dorak at all. Sorry, but Dorak the Krawk simply loved to row his boat...

"Heh, what else am I supposed to do? Ride a bike in the sand?" Dorak says, standing on the shore of Krawk Harbour. "I mean, there isn't much to do on the island if you desperately can't swim. Oh, and the itchy sand! Sand and water do go hand in hand, don't they? Ugh, and the fungus! Thank goodness that restaurant opened up or I would have been up to my neck in that stuff."

"When I was little I wanted to be just like Cap'n Threelegs and sail on a pirate ship, search for treasure and make friends with Samuel No Eyes and the Fontaine Sisters, so my mum and dad bought me this here row boat. You like? Of course, all my friends laughed at me and called my boat the 'Slow Return' and me 'Captain Lenny', but I didn't care... I was having fun with my eye patch and hook."

All oar nothing

"I admit something was missing, though. I couldn't put my claw on it, but my family spotted the problem right away and finally had the courage to tell me. I remember that day so clearly. It's when it all changed for me..."

So there I was, Captain Lenny... erm, Dorak, sitting in my boat, charting out another course when my dad walked up to me and said, "Son, you've been sitting in your rowboat for three weeks now, pretending to be a pirate... we even got you a Pawkeet to sit upon your shoulder... don't you think it's time you actually put the oars in the water? Your mum and I are quite worried that you might have a fear of water. That's not normal for a Krawk. Actually, it's quite embarrassing." They were right, I couldn't do it. I was never going to be a pirate. Then he said something to my mum that changed my life forever: "What do you mean you don't have any dubloons left?! Oh, you bought another bathing suit... I see."

"Dubloons... it just clicked in my head and I could instantly smell them. I realised that there's a fortune to be made in our very own harbour, and that I wouldn't have to go very far to strike it rich. All I had to do was take my rowboat out into the water and hope I wouldn't sink or swim. Convincing myself was the easy part, especially knowing that there's millions and millions of dubloons waiting for you just below the surface."