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Neopedia : Sally the Usul

Name : Sally
Species : Usul
Age : 5
Occupation : Usuki Collector
Favourite Usukis : Mime Usuki and Prom Date Usuki Reject
Hopes to have : Neopia's biggest Usuki Collection
Quote : "I brake for Usuki!"

"When people say Usuki, I ask how high?" Sally the Usul says, organising her Usuki sets alphabetically. "It's not like it's hard work collecting these little dears or anything. I used to collect hairy tashes and false finger nails till everyone laughed at me... and before that I got caught up in the streaky bacon craze of Y2, which I poured every single one of my Neopoints into by the way... blech. When I first started out my career, I collected both pocket and carpet lint... I also had a collection of dust, which my mum wiped out one day during one of her random cleaning sprees. None of my earlier collections were as rewarding as being the greatest Usuki collector in the world! It's probably not as weird either. I mean, before Usukiland my career as a collector wasn't going too well at all..."

"Thanks Pauly, I never knew you could teach a Warf how to spin on its head. Thanks for sharing with the class. Let's see here... next up is Sally with her 'secret' collection," the teacher said.

"Hello everyone," Sally said, placing a mysterious looking package on the teacher's desk. "Today, I'm going to show you my most favourite collection to date. I know what you're all thinking, but it's nothing like my last show-and-tell. I promise. You're all going to love this one because you get to try a piece! But you better not spoil your lunch."

The class began to cheer at the thought of free food, but suddenly they all stopped when one of the students asked, "What's that smell? Yuck!"

Oh, this stinks

"Ewww, look... it's stinky Sally and her dung cake collection. Stay away from her!" another student yelled.

Everyone pinched their noses as the teacher opened the windows. Things like "Gross", "Take a bath, Sally!" and "Your collection stinks! Literally!" could be heard throughout the school halls.

Embarrassed, Sally froze as she tried to think of something that could get her out of this mess. She had to do something... she had to get rid of her collection. But how? She had to save herself from another show-and-tell failure. But how? So she cleared her throat and the teacher hushed the class down.

"Ssssshhh, Sally has something to say," her teacher said. "Go ahead Sally. What do you have to say for yourself?"

"W-w-w-would you guys like some cake?"