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Neopedia : The Gelert Diaries

Category : Book
Author : Elwyn the Gelert
Length : 120 pages
Rarity : Common
Suggested Value : 250 NPs

28th Day of Storing, Y2

Lately, I've been feeling a little restless. There's never anything to do around here. The other day, my friend Selby was telling me how she'd heard a number of tales about a new wintery land, supposedly in the far northern regions of Neopia. It sounds really interesting... I'm seriously thinking about venturing there. Besides, the sales in my shop have gone really well lately, so I think I can afford to treat myself to a little holiday...

30th Day of Storing, Y2

...After spending all of yesterday taking care of some last minute inventory work for my shop, I was finally ready to set out for the new land. I wish my friend Selby had been able to come with me, but I guess she's just too busy. Oh well, maybe next time... anyhow, I left before dawn, walking all morning until I reached the northern shore of the mainland just before noon. When I got to the shore, I decided to take a break and grab something to eat.

As I went to eat my lunch, I happened to sit down across from a funny old Nimmo, who mentioned that he was just on his way back from visiting the same cold region I was heading to. As we talked, he told the most amazing stories I'd ever heard. I could've listened to him for hours, spinning tales about neggs, Snow Quests, and a legendary beast known as the Snowager. In the end, I decided that instead of just hearing about it from someone else, I would rather put my backpack on and see this new land for myself...

1st Day of Celebrating, Y2

...Having rafted my way to a tiny island off the coast of the Neopia, I knew that I still need to set sail for a small town that lies on the outskirts of my frosty destination (I think the old Nimmo said it was called Happy Village, or something like that). After asking around for a while, I heard about an elderly Zafara, who is rumoured to live out by the beach. Supposedly, this Zafara owns a sailboat that he uses to take tourists out to the icy climate. Plus, I hear that his fee is quite reasonable. After all the supplies I just bought I certainly hope that is true...

3rd Day of Celebrating, Y2

...Well, it took nearly a day and a half, but the Zafara and I finally reached the village (which, as it turns out, is actually called Happy VALLEY... hehe). As I walked into town, I noticed a massive queue up ahead. I asked one of the villagers what was going on, and he said, "Oh, what luck! You've arrived just in time for the Advent Calendar." Apparently, each year during the month of Celebrating, the Advent Calendar gives out free goodies every day. I hurried into line, and after waiting for a few minutes, I excitedly pulled out my gift - a green negg! "Wow" I thought, "I can't wait to find out what this taste like!" Needless to say, it was most delicious....

After his memorable week on Terror Mountain, Elwyn returned to Neopia Central with dozens of stories to tell everyone back home. One evening, after recounting yet another of his adventures, Elwyn's friend Selby suggested that he write a book about his time on Terror Mountain. A smile lit up his face as he reached for his diary and said, "Now that you mention it, Selby... I already have."