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Neopedia : The Usul Suspects

Lumi braced her arms against the rail that surrounded the brightly coloured lift. She had decided to take shelter there to make her last stand. One after another, baby Usuls appeared before the teenaged blue Nimmo. What had she been thinking, taking on this babysitting job? The parents had been less than forthcoming about just how many children they had, and Lumi suspected that a few of their friends must have also dropped off their little Usuls for a free day of babysitting.

Lumi pushed aside her thoughts of the earful she was going to give the parents (after she was paid, of course), while steadying herself for the next wave. Again the little Usuls rushed forward across an overhead ramp, jumping off with those ridiculous propeller beanies strapped to their heads (which gently floated them to the ground). Lumi aimed carefully with her water pistol and fired a cold blast of liquid at the nearest one, catching the top of his spinning hat and sending the baby Usul to the ground with a thump. Normally she'd be worried about the little monsters, but these baby Usuls hardly seemed phased by anything.

The next one floated by and caught a watery blast in the face. Lumi's eyes grew wide, and she quickly moved the lift downward so that she could get a second shot. After all, she had to knock those beanies off, or else they would just keep coming at her! The Nimmo went to take her second shot but missed completely when she saw two more baby Usuls floating down. She moved up to shoot at their hats, but only managed to knock one down. By this time, the other Usul had scrambled over to the play maze, where Lumi could hear her running through the tubes to get her.

Fighting to stay calm, she focused on downing the other Usuls, who were still floating to the ground. Behind her, Lumi could hear the other baby Usul creeping up. The Usuls had been using brooms to try to knock her off the lift, and this one was no exception. Lumi had a way with dealing with this, however. She pulled a trusty bottle of milk from her backpack and tossed it behind her. That would keep the baby Usul occupied, at least for a while...

The Nimmo continued her water pistol assault as the little Usuls endlessly floated down, but despite her best efforts, they overwhelmed her with sheer numbers. Poor Lumi was hardly surprised when a broomstick caught her from behind and shoved her off the lift. Determined to earn her pay, she quickly got back on, only to be hit by a blast from a slowly falling Usul who had managed to arm himself. Lumi sighed as she lay on the ground, while the little Usuls cheered their victory.

She wasn't finished yet, though. Lumi clenched her fists and got back up. These little monsters wouldn't keep her from getting paid, no matter what. The Nimmo quickly reloaded her water pistol and got back on the lift. "Now it's personal," she said, smirking as she squeezed the trigger....