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Neopedia : The Acara Twins Birthday Surprise

With their birthday less than a week away, Astrid and Ajay both wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. Having saved up their NPs all summer, each knew exactly what they wanted to get the other. However, once they got to the marketplace, things didn't go exactly as planned. Would the Acara Twins still be able to make this their best birthday ever?

"I can't believe it, this is finally it!" Ajay thought to himself. For nearly two years, his sister Astrid had been slowly putting together her treasure map, one piece at a time. And now, she only needed one last piece to have the whole set. "Boy, I can't wait to see the look on her face when I hand it to her." However, as he browsed from shop to shop, Ajay soon realised that the 1500 NPs he'd saved up would not be enough to buy his sister's map piece; it wasn't even close. He'd need at least another thousand Neopoints, but where was he going to get it?


"There you go, young lady." the shopkeeper said, "Six jungle arrows... aren't they beautiful? That'll be two thousand four hundred NPs, please."

"Two thousand four hundred?" Astrid asked in amazement. "Why, last week they were only one thousand four hundred. What happened?"

"Ah, you see miss... there's been a shortage. Once the Tyrannian War was over, the manufacturers of these arrows cut their production rates; they figured there wouldn't be as much demand. But once people heard production rates were dropping, they bought up all the arrows and caused the prices to go up..."

"Still, two thousand four hundred? There's no way I can come up with that kind of money in less than a week... what am I going to do?"

Scrambling to come up with the extra NP, The Acara Twins' birthday finally arrived...

"Here, open mine first," Astrid said, handing the present to her brother. As he tore off the wrapping, Ajay was stunned by his sister's gift.

"A set of... jungle arrows," Ajay said, seemingly dazed. "That's really nice sis, thanks. But hey, why don't you open yours?" With that, Ajay handed Astrid her present.

"Oh Ajay, you shouldn't!" Astrid said as she opened the box.

"It's been two whole years, but now you've finally got your treasure map. We'll be rich!"

"Erm, Ajay. There's something I've got to tell you... I had to sell one of my map pieces to buy your arrows. So no, I don't have the whole map, and we're not rich."

"It's funny you mention that, sis." Ajay admitted. "You see, I had to sell my bow to buy your map piece..."

Despite the cruel luck which almost ruined their birthday, Ajay and Astrid managed to have a good laugh about the whole thing. Once it had dawned on them that having each other was the best present possible, they realised that maybe this had been a pretty good birthday, after all.