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Neopedia : Capara the Kyrii

Capara Name: Capara the Kyrii
Age: Pretty young to have a full head of hair like that
Occupation: Ex-shopkeeper (Let go for selling overpriced rotten oranges and so-called bad attitude)
Hobby: Trying out new hair care products
Quote: "Do NOT, I repeat, do not touch the hair..." Behind that fiery mane of hers lies a sassy Kyrii that uses all her feminine wiles and amazing intelligence to cheat her way to the top. Though she's had her ups and mostly downs, she's always ready to share her Cheat! experiences with others, especially if it means making her pockets heavy with a nice chunk of the profit. But she's not greedy or anything... she just sees an enormous pile of Neopoints as the perfect way of bringing everyone together.

"It's an old rule for us Cheaters," says Capara, picking hair out of her custom gold brush, "but it's still a good one if you're just starting out or need to stay on top of your game, plus this rule applies to wherever you're going to run in Neopia: Watch your step with a bargain. In this world of ours nobody gives you something for nothing. If a 20 NP bag of oranges is selling for 10 NP, you can automatically assume there are some rotten oranges in the bag, and if a Magical Hair Usuki is selling for 5000 NP or over, well, you're probably getting ripped off. But we all gotta learn somehow. I know I still am."

When she's not brushing her hair or sharing her wisdom, Capara is training hard for the next Cheat! championship. During her first year on the Cheat! circuit, the Neopian Times called her "The Feisty Rising Star", but she has yet to live up to the star part of that. She's failed to move past the second round every time because she's, as the Times later called her, "...pretty darn easy to beat, but would you look at that red hair shine!"

"I don't mean to be crass or anything," says the Kyrii, "but the Cheat! trophies are modeled after me. Oh, I'm a little upset at whoever design the things because they left off about half of my silky hair. But what are you gonna do? Cry like Fernypoo? All I know is that there's only one Capara, and there's only one head of hair like this in all of Neopia. So, see you at the Cheat! table!!!"