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The Negg-Gazer

There's something new at the Festival of Neggs this year! A mystical Chia seer from the NC Mall strokes his beard and beckons you inside. The pavilion glitters with riches from distant lands. A cushion sits on the table, clearly awaiting the presence of a beautiful Crystal Negg...

Behold! I am a reader of Crystal Neggs. They show me visions; it's a nice gig. If you have a Crystal Negg, I can predict your destiny. Are you ready to find out what your future holds?

Step Into My Pavilion...

Come to have your fortune told? I can see the future in the glimmering depths of Crystal Neggs. What wonders might we uncover, if you dare to find out?

Who goes there?

In order to access your Negg collection, I must know who you are.


Which one?

Select one of your Crystal Neggs. Choose wisely! Your destiny is at stake:

Oh darn...

You don't have any Crystal Neggs right now. Luckily, there's a Negg Hunt going on. You're bound to find something!


If you give me this handful of Sparkling Negg Dust, I will use it up seeing into your future. Are you sure you're willing to hand it over?

Purchase NC Item

Sparkling Negg Dust
125 NC
Only the perfect combination of Neggs will yield such powerful magic. This dust can be used on any of the Crystal Neggs that can be found during the Festival of Neggs. You will need one Sparkling Negg Dust per Crystal Negg. Use the dust to receive one exclusive NC item. Note: Please read the Negg-Gazer FAQs before purchasing.

Just checking again

You are about to purchase Sparkling Negg Dust for 125 NC.
Are you sure?


Sparkling Negg Dust

125 NC
Your New Balance