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Festival of Neggs

It's time to celebrate Neopia's most famous fruit, the Negg! Kari the Negg Faerie has been hard at work hiding them all across Neopia. Now it's up to you to find them in the great Negg Hunt! Neggs are also blooming in the greenhouse, and word is that a magical Chia has set up his tent...

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Your Reward

Admiring your new treasures? This was your prize for finding a complete set of Patterned Plastic Neggs.
My Patamoose herd already sent it to your inventory.
Are You Sure?

Make sure this is the prize you want. You can't change your mind later. I'd go a bit mad trying to keep it all straight!
Picked That One?

This is your reward for this round of Negg hunting. Thanks for participating in my favourite event, haha!
You can find it in your inventory, thanks to my invisible herd of Patamoose.
A Perfect Ten

You found all the Plain Plastic Neggs for today! Good, now I won't have to go find them myself. Here's a little something for you:
You can find it in your inventory.
All The Neggs Have Been Found

The Negg Hunt is over for this year, but you never know... I love hiding Neggs around Neopia, so you might just have another chance in the future to take part!
Alas, the Festival of Neggs has ended. Kari is heading back to the Neggery, but she might have a new Negg hunt next year, if the Negg harvest goes well. Until then, may your Neggs be as bright as gold and as sweet as spun sugar!

In the darkness outside, there's nothing to hear;
What kind of Negg grows up here?

Here, water splashes in prismatic fountains
In the shadow of ruined and fallen mountains.

Up here, furniture from floating stone is hewn
And meteors bounce from crater to dune.

Neggs are not Yooyus; they would just squish,
No matter what certain Petpets here might wish.

Neggs here would shiver at the distant howls,
Dodge hungry monsters, and suffer witchy scowls.

Long ago a war was fought between these lands;
A Negg might flourish where knights once made a stand.

Try crumpets, tailors, and antiques,
If it's today's Negg that you seek.

Palm fronds bend in the ocean breeze
As the locals relax and do as they please.

Candy-coated, modeled in coral, oh, what fun!
With Neggs, the shops here might never be done.

The sun beats down, the sand grows hot
Neggs left out too long would rot.

Cross the fallen log to reach the village,
Or head to the obelisk to join the pillage.

Giant among shoppers, this garden of stuff
Promises a Negg Hunt here will be a bit tough.

From the tallest peak to the coldest vale,
Neggs may be found here, somewhere off the trail.

Seek high on misty mountain tops
For Neggs hidden away in fields of rice crops.

Steam hisses, gears turn, magma boils;
Find the Negg quick and collect the spoils.

Here you will find scholars bright,
Studying Neggs deep into the night.

A helping of curses, a pinch of spice;
A Negg wouldn't last long here if it were ice.

Buried in the sand like the treasure they be,
Mistaken for dubloons, or lost at sea.

Bells on their sleeves and dice in their paws;
All who enter the Games Room earn their applause.

In this quiet land of shells and bubbles,
You'd never know there once was huge trouble.
Plain Plastic Neggs

The Festival is over, so there are no more Plain Plastic Neggs to collect for prizes this year. There's always next year!
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