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Festival of Neggs

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Just what is a Negg? It's a tasty fruit that resembles an egg. The Festival of Neggs is the perfect introduction to the delightful varieties of Neggs in Neopia. Head over to Kari's booth to check out her annual Negg Hunt. We've heard there's a Shoyru around who might have something for you to do, too...

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Your Prize

You earned this item for courage in the field (of Neggs) and perseverance on your mission (to find hidden ones):
If you haven't already eaten/displayed/worn it, or fired it into outer space, it's in your inventory.
Choose or Perish (Not Really)

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Good Choice!

We rather thought you might like this item best:
There -- it's been delivered to your inventory by a herd of Patamoose.
You've Done It!

You've managed to find ten Plain Plastic Neggs in the best hiding places known to the Negg Faerie and her helpers, all in one day! That deserves a gold star, but we're fresh out, so have a:
A stampeding horde of Palmplats has already carried it to your inventory.
All Good Things Must End

I've got a neggery to run, or I might still be hiding Neggs for you to find in the Negg Hunt. Too bad —— I think you would have liked it. Tell you what; come by next year. There's sure to be another festival of Neggs!
Aw, the Festival of Neggs has ended, and Kari has packed up her booth to head back to the Neggery. Negg hunting and other Neggy shenanigans will be back next year, though. Until then, may your Neggs be as bright as gold and as sweet as spun sugar!

Four lamp posts, one well;
Thick fog muffles a yell.

Tablets of old speak of treasure hidden;
Spiced treats burn tongues unbidden.

Winged ships, mountains that soar,
And water falling with a roar.

An Aisha paints, an axe glows,
A Meepit lurks and the darkness grows.

Chombies name it their home;
A dusty land where Gruslens roam.

Land of the balancing Bruce;
Firs lurk behind every spruce.

Kacheek and Grundo watch the fight;
Sleeping by test engines not permitted on site.

Fifty miles west of Meridell --
Not far enough, its scholars tell.

Full of schools, but no pencils bought;
This land is as dry as an inkpot.

Sand as far as the eye can see
Hides treasures buried near the sea.

A harbour full of sails, a shop of springs,
And all the joy that playing a game brings.

Four spokes in a stone wheel
Where twelve together made a deal.

A castle above and a castle below,
While the truce holds, good behavior show.

Achyfi's rival distributes here;
The home team won last year.

A mechanical fan belches steam
In the dark where black gems gleam.

Stir and stir, and train and train;
Plants flourish in the daily rain.

Here stand high palaces of pastel grace;
Forest now, but once clouds filled the space.

Shouts echo from the market stalls:
Cards to scratch and scrolls for all.

No grand mountains, no creepy mood;
Just good fun, shopping, and food.

Samples of candy floss and rock slices!
Those who live here are known for niceness.
Plain Plastic Negg Meter

The Festival is over, so there are no more Plain Plastic Neggs to collect for prizes this year. There's always next year!
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