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Festival of Neggs
Each year, as winter draws to a close, the Festival of Neggs turns everyone's attention toward this most magnificent and versatile of all Neopian foods. Offering a bountiful array of Negg-inspired activities and treats, in just a few years this celebration has quickly become one of Neopia's most popular events.

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For successfully tracking down all four %1$s Plastic Neggs, you received the following prize:
This item was previously added to your inventory. You did put it someplace safe, right?
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...Yes! You've successfully rounded up ten Plain Plastic Neggs in a single day! Here is your reward:
This item is now in your inventory. Promise me you won't discard it while pursuing the Rubbish avatar.
What A Shame...

I'm afraid that this year's Festival of Neggs has already come to an end. It's too bad that you missed it—in my humble opinion, it was the best one yet. Oh well... I suppose there's always next year.

For years, Kari denied my requests for an apprenticeship. With your help, we'll now prove who Neopia's greatest Negg enthusiast really is!
Alas, like all good things, the Festival of Neggs has come to an end. Don't let it get you down, though—there's never a shortage of places to go and things to do in Neopia. Before you know it, it'll seem like no time before the next Festival of Neggs is right around the corner. 'Til then, see you around!

Infested by bugs
With the new Games Room's release
It's now good as new!

Brave arid terrain
To browse some fine pottery
Or spin Fruit Machine

If you're in search of
Employment or some healing
This land is for you

Take a flying ship
To this mystical city
High in the mountains

If you make a trip
To this spookiest of lands
Watch for flying pies!

Founded by heroes
This birthplace of Yooyuball
Plays tournament host

Despite a lack of
Gravity or breathable
air, Grundos like it!

Fond of rock candy
And tours on glass bottom boats?
This place is for you!

When you're traveling
Underneath Neopia
Let worms light the way!

If this is your home
Keetra Deile's most likely your
Fave Yooyuballer

Tiki Tours, Techo
Mountain, and Tombola are
Some of its highlights

The Rainbow Pool's home
Also where you'll find The Pound
And Kadoatery

Crushed by Captain Dread
Then rebuilt in secret with
Pastel coral, shells

You never know where
A Mystical Surroundings
Visit will take you

The Krawken's target
Now looks better than ever
(Just ask the Governor!)

Browse through some rubbish
In this provincial kingdom
Where veggies abound!

Care for a crumpet?
Venture past the gypsy camp
To this woeful land

The Snowager's home
And The Advent Calendar
Can both be found here

Grab an omelette slice
Or catch a band in concert
Beware The Beast's lair...

Their glaziers' windows
Famed throughout Neopia
Hagan must be proud
Lastly, there's the Negg itself. Most puzzling are its unique markings, the likes of which none in Neopia's scientific community have ever seen. Even after years of study, only a few of its symbols were deciphered. As such the Negg's contents remain a mystery, perhaps never to be revealed. Given the contents' supposedly nefarious nature, perhaps it is for the best, which is why the decision was made to return the Negg to its protector and that its location be kept hidden. Each answer only reveals more questions...
Plain Plastic Negg Meter

Oh no! It looks like the Festival is over and there are no more plain plastic neggs to find. Maybe next year there will be more.
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