Hello, Let me tell you about my game...
Objective: Using ALL the given shapes, convert every symbol on the board to the goal symbol.

  1. The game consists of a board similar to the one shown above, containing different symbols.
  2. Following the pattern in the box beneath the game board, a symbol can be flipped and turned into another symbol by placing the red active shape over it and clicking your mouse. In this case, the crowns would change to swords, and the swords would change to crowns.

    For example, if you were to highlight a block of two swords in the picture above and click them, they would then transform into a block of two crowns. Similarly, if you highlighted three crowns and clicked on them, they would transform into three swords.

  3. You can't just flip the symbols around in any way that you like, though! (If that were the case, Shapeshifter wouldn't be much of a puzzle then, would it?) Underneath the board is something labeled as your "ACTIVE SHAPE." This means that on the current turn, you can only highlight and change the symbols within that shape! You must use the entire shape; the whole thing must fit into the board you're playing on. For example, if you have an active shape like the one shown below, you must place it across the board like that, because it will be cut off any other way you place it!

    Active Shape
    The shape currently being used by the player to highlight the symbols on the board that will be turned into their opposite.

    Your objective is to change all the symbols so that they match the symbol with the word "GOAL" under it (see picture below). Using the shapes as they come up, one at a time, your goal for this puzzle will be to turn all nine symbols into swords. (Hint: You may sometimes have to change a symbol more than once to complete the puzzle. For example, you might have to change a sword into a crown, and then change it back again later.)

  4. GOAL

  5. Beneath the active shape are the NEXT SHAPES. These are the shapes that will be coming up next, and since they are in order, they allow you to plan your moves ahead of time.

  6. Keep in mind that there is no time limit for playing Shapeshifter, so you can take as long as you want and plan your moves carefully. Instead of just quickly flipping the symbols, highlight them first by moving your mouse over the symbols, which allows you to try out several possibilities in your head before making a move. When you're certain that the symbols highlighted are the ones you want to flip, go ahead and click on them. The highlighted symbols will then flip and become new symbols, as in the example below.

  7. The degree of difficulty increases as you advance to higher levels. More shapes will be added for you to use, and extra symbols will be put on the board. Toward the end of the game, as many as five different symbols may appear in a single puzzle!

  8. Your high score is based on your current level. This means that if you are currently playing level 8, your high score will be 8. Unlike Flash games, where your score must be sent in order to receive Neopoints, Shapeshifter automatically gives you the Neopoints that you have earned by completing a NEW puzzle at the moment that puzzle is completed, not at the end of the game.


For another example and step-by-step instructions please see below:

STEP 1: Look at the current Board and find out what the GOAL is.


Correct! The Goal is the sword. You need to convert all of the crowns on the board to Swords!.

STEP 2: Look at what the ACTIVE SHAPE is and what the shapes are following it.



Correct! The active shape is three squares lined straight up and down, and the next two shapes are straight lines of three squares going side to side.

STEP 3: Think about how the red shapes will CHANGE the board. In this example, the best position for the ACTIVE SHAPE is the left side. This will produce two three square areas of crowns, which matches the next two shapes.

Correct! Placing the shape in that position changes the Sword, Crown, Sword to Crown, Sword, Crown. This will make it so when you place the next two pieces they will change the two rows of crowns into swords!

STEP 4: The next two active symbols are each a horizonatal three-square area. The first shape is positioned over the top row and the next will be positioned over the bottom row on the game board. (Both steps are shown simultaneously on the board below.)

STEP 5: YOU WON!!!!! Now wasn't that easy...