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Meridell War Room

Congratulations, you helped Meridell and saved the day ... again. I think we'll be fine for a while now. We'll be sure to let you know if we need your help in the future.


THE FIRST WAVE IS HERE - Citizens of Neopia, Meridell needs your help! The evil Lord Kass has sent down Giant Spyders.... or maybe he just took normal Spyders and made them big with his evil magic... who knows. Regardless, they are eating the Meridell crops, scaring the farmers, and need to be defeated! Can you help Meridell?

5 million Spyders were released. Can you defeat them all?!

THE SECOND WAVE HAS ARRIVED - Spyders? Pah they were only there to distract you from the REAL opponents. Skeith Soldiers have landed in the fields of Meridell and the onslaught continues...

200,000 Skeith Soldiers were released. Can you defeat them?

THE THIRD WAVE IS HERE - If you thought the Skeith Soldiers were tough you haven't seen anything yet. This new group of challengers are mean and tough. What sort of creature do you think Lord Kass would have for a guard anyway!

150,000 Eyrie Guards were released. Can you defeat them?

THE FOURTH WAVE HAS ARRIVED - A new legion of evil has invaded Meridell. This time the evil is in the form of Zombie Petpets! They are overrunning the town and creating mass confusion and havoc. Watch out for these little terrors...

125,000 Zombie Petpets were released. Can you defeat them?

THE FIFTH WAVE HAS BEGUN - The ground beneath our feet is shaking with the force of Lord Kass's next attack! The war machines are moving across Meridell tearing everything apart. How many of our soldiers are left that can fight these monstrous machines?!?!

100,000 War Machines were released. Can you defeat them?

THE SIXTH WAVE IS HERE! - The evil Morguss has cast a spell on the peasants of Meridell and they are destroying Meridell! We fear that both the peasants and the town cannot be saved... Please help save Meridell.

25,000 Zombified Peasants were released. Can you defeat them?

BLUGTHAK IS HERE - If the ground wasn't shaking before, it most certainly is now. Blugthak is here to smash Meridell to bits, and he just won't stay down. You will have to defeat him many, many times to finally stop his onslaught!
LORD KASS ATTACKS! - Hide in your houses and lock all of your doors. Lord Kass is out for blood! If you are brave enough - go to the battledome and fight him now!

It appears that more of the previous waves were also released! Kass really is trying very hard to defeat Meridell! You will not be allowed to withdraw from battles for the rest of the war.

THE WAR IS OVER!!!!! A big congratulations to Garet_jaxx for beating Lord Kass. And another big thank you to everyone who participated in the war.