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Frequently Asked Questions

Stocking Stufftacular FAQ

1) What is the Stocking Stufftacular?

The Stocking Stufftacular is an NC Mall event available during the month of December. Visit the NC Mall to purchase Stocking Packs. Take your stockings to the Stocking Stufftacular page to hang them on the days of your choice, and then wait for your stockings to be stuffed with exclusive NC item prizes! Stockings must be hung by 11:59 p.m. NST each day, beginning December 7th. Stockings will be filled at 5:00 a.m. NST the next morning, starting on December 8th.

2) How long will this event run?

You can purchase Stocking Packs during the pre-sale, December 2nd - December 7th. Starting December 7th, make sure your stockings are hung to begin receiving your exclusive NC item prizes. The event will run from December 3rd-December 31st, and prizes will be given out December 8th - January 1st.

3) How do I purchase Stocking Packs?

Visit the NC Mall to purchase stockings in packs of 1, 5, 10, and 25.

4) Can I purchase Stocking Packs and participate in the Stocking Stufftacular on my side accounts?

Yes. Since this is an NC Mall-only event, you can participate on your side accounts.

5) I've purchased stockings, but I can't hang them.

Make sure that you have activated the Stocking Packs in your inventory. Once you have activated your Stocking Pack, visit the Stocking Stufftacular page. Click on the space below the hook where you would like to hang your stocking and verify your selection. Remember, once your stocking is hung, it cannot be moved!

6) Can I hang more than one stocking per day?

Yes! You can hang up to five stockings on each day of the event. Just click on the stocking space to keep hanging. The pop-up you receive while hanging stockings will let you know how many stockings you have hung on that day. Having multiple stockings hung on one day will give you multiples (up to five) of the item for that day. You will not get different items for hanging multiple stockings on a single day.

7) Can I hang stockings on days that have passed?

No. Stockings can only be hung until 11:59 p.m. NST each day. Once a day has passed, you will not be able to receive a prize for that day.

8) Can I move my stocking to a different day once I've hung it?

No. Once a stocking has been hung on a specific day, it cannot be moved.

9) How do I know that my stocking was hung on the correct day?

Once you have verified the day that you would like to hang your stocking, a red stocking will appear. After the day has passed and an item prize is granted, the empty stocking will change to a filled red stocking!

10) I've hung my stockings but haven't received any prizes. What's going on?

You will receive your exclusive NC item prize the morning after the day you hang your stocking. You can hang your stockings in advance of the day each prize will be given out, but you won't actually receive your prizes until the morning after the specific day on which you've hung your stocking.

11) There is a number on my stocking. What does it mean?

The number on a stocking represents how many stockings you have hung on that particular day. You can hang a maximum of five stockings each day, if you choose.

12) There is a yellow glow around one of my stockings. What does that mean?

The yellow glow indicates which day it is in the event. The stocking with the yellow glow around it will be filled the next morning, if you have a stocking hung for that day.

13) What is the Stuff a Stocking Community Challenge?

The Stuff a Stocking Community Challenge is a challenge to hang stockings. The meter will rise as more stockings are hung. Hang at least one stocking starting on December 2nd. If by the end of the event - December 31st, the max goal is reached, anyone who has hung at least one stocking will receive a bonus NC item prize!

14) How do I participate in the Stuff a Stocking Community Challenge?

In order to participate, just hang a stocking starting December 2nd. If collectively, the goal of "Full of Cheer" is reached, you will receive an NC bonus item prize for participating. Everyone who participates will receive the same bonus NC item.

15) When will we receive our Stuff a Stocking Community Challenge bonus item?

If enough stockings are hung by December 31st and the goal is met, and you've hung at least 1 stocking, you will receive your bonus NC item on January 4, 2021.