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Mission: Capture the Comets

Dr Landelbrot's Petpet Scintilly is outside the spaceship, requesting assistance with what looks like cute little... comets? Wow! She is retrieving immature comets from this quadrant of space to charge the confusionator. She could probably use your help. Astronets are available at the NC Mall. You can hear Dr Landelbrot muttering to himself back in the control room.

Astronets Remaining:
*boop* Thanks, operator. You did good work. That's all for now.

Meanwhile In The Comet Field

You have found a window with a view out on space, and Scintilly is out there, operating some kind of comet gathering device. If you had a few nets from the NC Mall, you could help her out!

Verify Intruder

Error: Requesting identification. Comet-gathering requires authorisation per safety regulations installed by Dr Landelbrot.

No Active Nets

Nets must be activated before Scintilly can make use of them. You can do that in your inventory.

You Need Nets!

Unfortunately you can't help Scintilly without a net. You can find some at the NC Mall.

Bzzt! Query User!

Net is perfect for retrieving comet from space. Will net operator permit use?

Status Report

While you were retrieving young comets from space, something went wrong and you got these items instead.

Purchase Astronets

To purchase Astronets, select which pack you would like and type in your password.

Mission: Capture the Comets Astronet 1-Pack
250 NC
Mission: Capture the Comets Astronet 7-Pack
1,500 NC

Are you sure?

You are about to purchase an for NC. Are you sure?


An has been purchased

Your new balance is:

Are you sure?

You are about to activate an . This item will be automatically removed from your inventory.


You already have a 7-pack activated. Please visit your inventory to view your pack.


The comet explodes into... wearables?! Scintilly looks shocked. You hear a few beeps as she runs a diagnostic, then shrugs and gestures for you to take the wearables away. Her loss is your gain.