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Neopets Training School-Related Help:

Where is the training school located?
You can find the training school on Mystery Island. It is located in the center of the island where the Neo-Fu flag is.

How do I enter my pet in a course?
To enter your pet in a course go to the courses page and read the instructions. You need to select a course that you want your pet to take, and then select the pet you want to take the course. Once you have done that, click the Start Course button.

What happens when a pet finishes a course?
Depending on the type of course your pets attributes and level will go up. The basic courses will boost your pet one level a time up to level 20. Advanced courses will take a pet up to level 40, and the master courses will take your pet up to 80. The Grand Master courses will raise your pet beyond that. The more training you give your pet the more levels it will gain.

What are the courses?
The courses each specialize in a different area. There are 5 areas to choose from, Strength, Defense, Agility, Endurance, and Level.

What does training cost?
Training will cost you 1 codestone for a Basic course, 2 codestones for an Advanced course, 3 codestones for a Master course, and 4 codestones for a Grand Master course.

How many codestones are there?
There are 10 different types of codestones. The 10 types are: Main, Vo, Eo, Mau, Har, Tai-Kai, Lu, Zei, Orn, Bri.

What type of codestone do you need for what type of class?
The type of codestone changes. You may sign up for a defence class one day and need a Main Codestone and if you sign up for a defence class some other time you may need a completely different Codestone.

How can I find out what class my pet is in?
To find out what class your pet is studying you can go the the Status link at the top of any of the training school pages.

Where can I get codestones?
You can get codestones in the marketplace or in the auctions. You can also win them by playing games such as Dice-a-roo.

Why do codestones cost so much?
Codestones are in high demand for the the training school so the prices have gone up. However you may be lucky to be given a codestone while travelling the site, or you may spot a bargain in the marketplace. You just need to keep looking.

How will this training help my pet?
If you want to enter your pet in the Battledome tournaments it will need to have special skills. The more training your pet does the more moves it will have available when the fight begins.

How do I get to mystery Island?
To get to Mystery Island go to the explore page and click on the picture of the island. If it says that you are not allowed to enter the island, then follow the instructions and it will tell you what you need to do to get to the island.

What is the Wisdom link for?
The wisdom link will take you to a page where the Techo Master gives you wise advice and knowledge.

When will I be able to go to the Battle Dome?
Soon, we have begun work on it and even though it is a huge task we plan to get it finished within a month.

Will the training video help my pet?
No, the training video is just for fun!

No, the training video is just for fun!
The training video is a flash video showing the Techo Master demonstrating some of his training to his younger students.

How do I leave the training school?
To leave the training school you can click on the link at the top of any of the training school pages that says Leave.