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Games Master Challenge - Living Vs. Dead
The rivalry between Hubrid Nox and MAGAX was so intense, not even death could put an end to it. Aristotle A. Avinroo now attempts to bring the two enemies to a table to settle their differences in the manner he knows best - with games! Choose between the Living and the Dead in this year's Games Master Challenge and compete in the week-long challenges to support your side.

Welcome to the 10th annual Games Master Challenge, where Neopia's greatest gamers prove their skills! You're currently logged out or have yet to create an account. That's no way to make a name for yourself as a Games Master! Sign Up or Log In now.
Oh no, it looks like the Games Master Challenge is over! It's a shame you weren't able to join a team this year. You can come back next year though for more games, challengers, and prizes! If you aren't sure how well you will do against the challengers, I suggest you might want to practice a bit by playing some of the games in the Gamesroom.

Ready For A Challenge?

You've already got your ticket, so now all that's left is to play! To receive your prize, simply send a score for both games on each day.

Challenge: Accepted!

Now that you've accepted my challenge, you just need to send a score for both games on each day.

Join the Living

I knew you'd join us - you're so full of life, you belong on this team! You can't switch sides though, so are you sure about your decision?

Join the Dead

I felt you were a kindred spirit. But you better be sure about your decision. Are you certain you want to sie with the Dead?