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Games Master Challenge - Sun vs. Moon
Siyana and Princess Lunara have long debated which is best: the nourishing daytime rays of the sun or the alluring glow of the pale moonlight? They'll now settle the matter at this year's Games Master Challenge. Join either Team Sun or Team Moon, and then tackle the week's gaming challenges to support your side.

Welcome to this year's Games Master Challenge! A week's worth of exciting challenges and bountiful prizes await, but first you have to log in to Neopets. Sign up now to choose a side and get going!
Oh no, it looks like the Games Master Challenge is over! It's a shame you weren't able to join a team this year. You can come back next year though for more games, challengers, and prizes! If you aren't sure how well you will do against the challengers, I suggest you might want to practice a bit by playing some of the games in the Gamesroom.

Join Team Sun

So, you've decided to side with Team Sun. How very bright of you! Bear in mind that, once you've joined our team, there's no going back on your decision. Are you sure Team Sun is the team for you?

Join Team Moon

Yes! You struck me as the Team Moon type. I'm certain you'll fit right in. That said, I should mention there's no switching once you've chosen. So, what do you say? Are you sure you want on Team Moon?