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Team Challenge

AAA and Abigail have each other, so it's only fair for you to have a bit of support too, right? So why not take a Team Challenge with one of your Neofriends?

  1. Pair up with one of your Neofriends and challenge AAA or Abigail together to win a special bonus Team Challenge Prize.
  2. A total of four Team Challenges will be offered during the course of Daily Dare. Each Team Challenge will run from Friday through Sunday.
  3. The four Team Challenges will take place on the following dates:

    Friday, March 4th, 12:00 AM NST - Sunday, March 6th, 11:59 PM NST

    Friday, March 11th, 12:00 AM NST - Sunday, March 13th, 11:59 PM NST

    Friday, March 18th, 12:00 AM NST - Sunday, March 20th, 11:59 PM NST

    Friday, March 25th, 12:00 AM NST - Sunday, March 27th, 11:59 PM NST

  4. To take the Team Challenge, all you have to do is challenge AAA or Abigail as you normally would. Then, visit the Team Challenge hub any time before 12:00 AM on the following Monday to send invitations to your Neofriends for them to join the Team Challenge.
  5. Remember, the Team Challenge is for Friday's Daily Dare game each week, but you and your Neofriend have the entire weekend to complete it. Don't worry if on Saturday night you haven't accepted the Friday Team Challenge yet. You still can.

How do I participate in a Team Challenge?

The challenger you choose to take on in Daily Dare on Fridays will also be your opponent in each week's Team Challenge, if you choose to participate. You can only participate in the Team Challenge once each week, either by inviting a friend or accepting an invitation you have received from a Neofriend. You also are only allowed to invite Neofriends or be sent an invitation from Neofriends who have challenged the same opponent as you. For instance, if you decide to challenge Abigail during a Team Challenge, you then may only invite a friend who has also challenged Abigail. You'll also only receive invitations from friends who have chosen to challenge Abigail on Fridays.

Once you and your partner beat or match AAA's or Abigail’s score (depending upon whom each of you has agreed to challenge) you will be awarded a Team Challenge bonus prize in addition to the regular AAA or Abigail prize for that day. You and your Neofriend will have to best AAA's or Abigail’s score prior to midnight on Mondays in order to qualify for the Team Challenge bonus prize.

You can visit the Team Challenge FAQ for even more details.