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NC Challenge FAQ
Hello there! Please read through the entire FAQ to see if your question is addressed. If you can't find the help you're looking for, then you may click on the link at the bottom of the page to send us a message describing your issue. Thank you!
  1. What is the Daily Dare NC Challenge?

    The Daily Dare NC Challenge is a fun addition to Daily Dare. To participate in the Daily Dare NC Challenge, you must purchase one or more Game Tickets from the NC Mall (depending on how many challenges you wish to play). The Daily Dare NC Challenge features the same games as the Daily Dare (released on the same day), but the scores to beat are different and each game offers a new prize to win! If you earn all 32 NC Challenge prizes (1 for each game), you will receive an exclusive bonus Neocash item!
  2. How does the Daily Dare NC Challenge work?

    To get started, head to the NC Mall to purchase your Game Ticket(s). You can choose from the following options: 1-Game Ticket, 5-Game Ticket Pack, 10-Game Ticket Pack or 32-Game Ticket Pack. Then, if you would like to use your tickets for game play, activate them in your Inventory by selecting "Activate Your NC Challenge Game Ticket(s)" from the drop-down menu. Once your ticket has been activated, go to the Daily Dare NC Challenge hub page and choose the game you would like to challenge from the released games listed at the bottom. If you beat or match Lulu's score for that game, you will win a special bonus prize!
  3. Where do I get Game Tickets for the NC Challenge?

    Game Tickets can be purchased from the NC Mall Daily Dare Shop in the following quantities: 1-Game Ticket, 5-Game Ticket Pack, 10-Game Ticket Pack and 32-Game Ticket Pack. The more tickets in the pack, the greater the savings! You may also receive Game Tickets as gifts from other Neopets users.
    Note: You will need 32 Game Tickets to successfully complete the entire NC Challenge and earn the exclusive bonus Neocash item.
  4. How many Game Tickets can I purchase?

    You can purchase as many Game Tickets as you'd like, but a maximum of 32 can be used for game challenges. If you have extra Game Tickets that have not been activated in your Inventory, you can gift them to other users (using NC Gift Boxes) or place them in your Gallery or Safety Deposit Box.
  5. What if I buy a 5-Game Ticket Pack and then a 32-Game Ticket Pack? Will I be able to use the extra tickets on challenges, too?

    No. There are only 32 games in the NC Challenge, so any ticket you activate over 32 will not be eligible for game challenges. However, you can collect or gift any extra Game Tickets as stated in FAQ #4. No refunds will be given on Game Tickets, so please be sure to do the math before purchasing and activating your tickets.
  6. Do the Game Tickets expire? Can I keep them after the Daily Dare NC Challenge is over?

    Game Tickets purchased in 2010 will only be valid for game play during this year's Daily Dare NC Challenge, which starts February 11th and ends on March 14th at 11:59:59 PM Neopian Standard Time. You're welcome to keep Game Tickets that have not been activated in your Inventory, Gallery or Safety Deposit Box after that date, if you'd like.
  7. Is it OK to give Game Tickets to other users?

    Yes, you may give Game Tickets that have not been activated to other users as gifts using NC Gift Boxes (1 ticket / ticket pack per NC Gift Box). Once a ticket has been activated, it can no longer be gifted. Game Tickets, as with all Neocash items, cannot be sold or traded.
  8. What if I beat or match AAA's score while doing the NC Challenge? Will it count toward the Daily Dare?

    No, sorry, the two events are separate in terms of whom you can challenge to win prizes. The good news is that you can still challenge AAA or Abigail to win their prize even if you've completed the NC Challenge for the day!
  9. Everything is greyed out on the NC Challenge page, even though I have a Game Ticket. Is there something wrong?

    No, it simply means your Game Tickets have not been activated yet. Please go to your Inventory and click on the ticket or ticket pack you would like to activate and select "Activate Your NC Challenge Game Ticket(s)" from the drop-down menu in the item pop-up. Once you have activated your ticket(s), you will be able to challenge any game that has been released as of that date.
  10. Can I play a game challenge more than once?

    Yes, once you have initiated a game challenge, you may play that game and send your score as many times as you would like. However, you will only earn Neopoints on the first three scores you send for a particular game per day.
  11. How can I tell if I'm doing the Daily Dare or the NC Challenge?

    You know you're playing Daily Dare because AAA and Abigail are your challengers at the top of the page. In the NC Challenge, there is only one challenger, a Cybunny named Lulu.
  12. Do I get the same prizes for playing the NC Challenge as I would from the Daily Dare?

    No, there are different prizes for the NC Challenge. Also, if you successfully complete all 32 NC Challenge games by beating or matching Lulu's scores, you will earn an exclusive bonus Neocash item prize only available through the Daily Dare NC Challenge.
  13. Will I get a trophy for beating Lulu?

    No, but you will earn a prize for each game in which you match or beat Lulu's score. Also, if you successfully complete all 32 NC Challenge games you will win an exclusive bonus Neocash item prize only available through the Daily Dare NC Challenge.
  14. Who is Lulu?

    Lulu, a young Cybunny, is AAA and Abigail's cousin who has come to stay with them. While she enjoys gaming like her cousins, Lulu's real passion is for collecting, especially NC Mall items. She's been known to stay up all night, thinking of what to collect next. Once Lulu sets her sights on something, she doesn't give up easily, but a little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right?
  15. Can I gift NC Challenge prizes?

    Yes, you can gift your NC Challenge prizes if you wish, using NC Gift Boxes (1 item per gift box).
  16. Can I play the Double Dare in the NC Challenge?

    The Double Dare is only available in the Daily Dare. Keep watch for those special Double Dare days if you'd like to participate.
  17. How will I know if my NC Challenge Game Ticket has been applied?

    Once you have applied an NC Challenge game Ticket to a game, the progress bar will change from grey to white and Lulu will appear with the score that you must beat to win the prize for that challenge.
  18. How long will the NC Challenge Game Tickets be for sale at the NC Mall?

    Daily Dare NC Challenge Game Tickets will be available for purchase from February 11th to March 14th, 2010.
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