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The Shattered Plain

In the heart of Neopia, innumerable Phantoms arise from the very ground itself, intent on destroying all life. Get your Battledome gear on and head over to the Battledome to put an end to this madness!

Battle Updates

16th December 15:21 - It seems Oblivion has fallen once again... but at what cost?

9th December 15:00 - Oblivion has returned, with a single goal in mind—kill Brynn! Hurry to the Battledome and help her fight him!

24th November 11:00 - The ritual is complete, the phantoms are gone, but... what has happened?

23rd November 21:09 - With their combined might, the phantoms and Oblivion have done untold amounts of damage to the surface of Neopia. Without enough Neopets to face them, they've begun spreading into surrounding areas... The heroes must hurry and defeat them, before Neopia is destroyed!

23rd November 12:41 - Oblivion continues wreaking havoc among our heroes. His powers seem to grow with each passing moment; do the combined forces of Neopia even have a chance to defeat him?

23rd November 01:27 - Out of the destroyed remnants of a million phantoms arises a new threat: Oblivion! This gargantuan monster seems to have a spark of intelligence and self-awareness that the other wraiths lack. Quick, help destroy it before it consumes all life in Neopia—and Neopia itself!

21st November 11:35 - There are countless phantoms everywhere our heroes turn. Perhaps Neopia's doom is truly near...

20th November 18:12 - While at first the tide of battle seemed to be in our favour, recently there seem to be more and more of the phantoms. For every one that is struck down, two arise in their place! Even the bravest Neopets surely will fall before this onslaught.

20th November 14:30 - The battle has become grim indeed, as three new phantoms have arrived: Shadow Phantom Furies, Shadow Phantom Zealots, and the most gruesome, horrific creatures yet, the Shadow Phantom Tormentors. There seem to be more of them every minute!


19th November 15:10 - Reinforcements have arrived—unfortunately, on the side of the enemy. Shadow Phantom Brutes, Shadow Phantom Conquerors, and the fiendish Shadow Phantom Annihilators have entered the fray! Their numbers are ever-increasing. Will there be no end?!


18th November 23:31 - Because of the great sacrifice Neopians have made in trying to eliminate this fell menace, a prize has been made available to everyone who helped destroy the phantoms so far! Further prize tiers will be completed as more enemies are defeated.

18th November 17:45 - Altador, Jazan, and the others are being attacked by Shadow Phantom Minions, Shadow Phantom Destroyers, and Shadow Phantom Commanders! Even more powerful than the Wraiths and Spectres they faced before, these new horrors already threaten to overwhelm the heroes.


The Battle of Brightvale

Brightvale has come under attack by even more powerful Spectres! Get your Battledome gear on and head over to the Battledome to help stop them!

Battle Updates

25th October 23:30 - At last, the flood of enemies has ground to a halt. Thousands of brave Neopian heroes put themselves in harm's way, at great cost to life and limb, but the spectres finally seem to have met their match and withdrawn from Brightvale.

24th October 16:41 - Millions of spectres have been destroyed, but there seem to be many more waiting in the wings. Can Brightvale survive the onslaught before being trampled into nothingness? Can these news updates become any more melodramatic? Stay tuned and find out!

23rd October 12:02 - As the battle enters its fourth long day, the inexorable tide of spectres has begun to weaken. But so too have the defenders of Brightvale dwindled; will they be able to hold out long enough to overcome these unnatural foes?

22nd October 20:31 - Countless brave Neopians have come to the aid of our heroes in Brightvale. But it might not be enough; innumerable spectres have already flooded into Brightvale, appearing out of the very shadows themselves.

22nd October 04:42 - The battle continues! Reports of heavy casualties from all across Brightvale are coming in. Neopets are being struck down left and right by these mighty foes. They must be stopped!

21st October 15:45 - As if Brightvale weren't in enough peril, two new monsters have begun attacking: Shadow Spectre Furies and Shadow Spectre Zealots. The most devastating opponents yet, these shadowy behemoths will no doubt be knocking down the walls of Castle Brightvale in no time.


21st October 05:15 - Faster than before, a new set of enemies have arisen: Shadow Spectre Brutes and Shadow Spectre Conquerors! Even more fearsome than the previous bunch, they might spell the end of our heroes.


20th October 21:14 - Because of the great sacrifice Neopians have made in trying to eliminate this fell menace, a prize has been made available to everyone who helped destroy the wraiths so far! Further prize tiers will be completed as more enemies are defeated.

20th October 14:00 - Brightvale is under assault by Shadow Spectre Minions and Shadow Spectre Destroyers! Stronger than the Wraiths our heroes faced in the Haunted Woods, these new monsters are a serious threat to be reckoned with.


Into the Fray

The battle has begun! We need your help to defeat these strange creatures that have attacked us from out of nowhere. Get your gear equipped and head over to the Battledome before it's too late!

Battle Updates

13th October 22:36 - The battle has finally come to an end. Though the heroes of Neopia are battered and exhausted from their lengthy fight, the wraiths have been forced into retreat... for now.

12th October 14:44 - The fight has begun to turn to our advantage! The onslaught of wraiths has slowed, but each new wraith that appears seems stronger than the last. But perhaps the end is at last in sight...

11th October 11:24 - While the Shadow Wraith Furies have yet to defeat our heroes, their power has taken a tremendous toll on the heroic warriors of Neopia. Reinforcements are needed if the battle is to end in our favour!

10th October 17:06 - Just when things seemed to be going our way, a new kind of wraith has joined the fray: the Shadow Wraith Fury! Mighty and terrible, only the most powerful Neopets can stand before them. Things aren't looking good for Hanso, Xandra, and the others.

9th October 22:26 - Wraiths beyond counting have been sent to their doom, but more and more erupt every moment. Where are they all coming from?!

9th October 13:19 - A new, more terrible foe has emerged: Shadow Wraith Brutes! Larger, more vicious, and deadlier than the Shadow Wraith Minions, these new Brutes might turn the tide of battle, unless the heroes are reinforced!

8th October 19:22 - Because of the great sacrifice Neopians have made in trying to eliminate this fell menace, a prize has been made available to everyone who helped destroy the wraiths so far! Further prize tiers will be completed as more enemies are defeated.

8th October 18:52 - Thousands of wraiths have been destroyed by the brave heroes of Neopia, but more keep coming! Will there be no end to these horrifying monstrosities?

8th October 11:03 - Our heroes have been ambushed by Shadow Wraith Minions! These foul creatures seem to have appeared out of nowhere, and their ghastly touch sends a chil straight to the bones. Help destroy them, before Altador, Jazan, and the others are overrun!

D'you think that if we offer them some pie, they might leave?
Total Wraiths Defeated
The Shattered Plain
Shadow Phantom Minion Shadow Phantom Destroyer Shadow Phantom Commander
1,381,587 487,485 209,770
Shadow Phantom Brute Shadow Phantom Conqueror Shadow Phantom Annihilator
633,187 310,562 134,181
Shadow Phantom Fury Shadow Phantom Zealot Shadow Phantom Tormentor
453,488 216,918 110,526
The Battle of Brightvale
Shadow Spectre Minion Shadow Spectre Destroyer Shadow Spectre Brute
1,743,221 932,509 1,126,576
Shadow Spectre Conqueror Shadow Spectre Fury Shadow Spectre Zealot
447,140 898,236 269,368
Into the Fray
Shadow Wraith Minion
Shadow Wraith Brute
Shadow Wraith Fury
3,662,510 1,606,651 889,258
Mass Destruction Prize Tiers
Tier Progress Prize
21 513,155 / 750,000


20 750,000 / 750,000

Magical Healing Potion

19 750,000 / 750,000

Gold Handled Short Sword

18 750,000 / 750,000

Scroll of Moon Light

17 750,000 / 750,000

Fiery Sun Scroll

16 750,000 / 750,000

Dark Fire Potion

15 750,000 / 750,000

Kaylas Potion Of Freezing

14 750,000 / 750,000

Sparkle Potion

13 750,000 / 750,000

Scroll of the Sea

12 750,000 / 750,000

No Sleep Til Brightvale

11 750,000 / 750,000

Knowledge and Honour

10 750,000 / 750,000

The Armoury

9 750,000 / 750,000

Dark Vine Potion

8 750,000 / 750,000

Thick Smoke Bomb

7 750,000 / 750,000

Ultra Icy Negg

6 750,000 / 750,000

Ornate Fighting Fan

5 750,000 / 750,000


4 750,000 / 750,000

Super Icy Negg

3 750,000 / 750,000

Sparkle Potion

2 750,000 / 750,000

Essence of Everlasting Apple

1 750,000 / 750,000

Bubbling Healing Goo