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Brucey B's War Tent

If you have no idea what is going on here... you should read the story of Brucey B and the Lucky Coin!!!

Inspired by the Grarrl shopkeeper's words, Brucey B decided to do something to help the people of Sakhmet in their time of need. He borrowed a big tent and is now recruiting brave Neopians to lead an attack against Sloth's army.

The Battle is Over

  • 8th Swimming 11:50pm - The Battle is Over!!!!! Sloth has Retreated!!! Click here to see the last episode of plot!
  • 6th Swimming 5:32pm - Sloth has summoned a gigantic Rock Beast to help him win the Battle. Click here to see it in action!
  • 5th Swimming 4:14pm - Sloth has summoned an army of Evil Sloth Clones to help with the Battle. Is there no end to the onslaught???
  • 4th Swimming 3:00pm - Mechanoid Warriors have joined the battle!
  • 4th Swimming 1:45pm - Sloth has released evil Grundo Commanders to guarantee his victory.
  • 4th Swimming 12:03pm - The battle raged through the night, and it looks like the hoards of Grundo Troopers have nearly been vanquished.
  • 3rd Swimming 5:50pm - Thousands and Thousands of Grundo Troopers are storming the walls, devouring the Sakhmetian residents and ripping houses to bits.
  • 3rd Swimming 5:42pm - Brucey makes a statement to the people of Neopia.