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A Tenna
Aw, why is there a sad face on this Tenna? This rather slow-moving Petpet always looks a bit sorrowful, but maybe having its picture drawn will cheer it up a bit. Learn how in just 10 easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a rounded shape for the Tenna's body. Then, make a small lump on the left side of its body for the ridge above its eye.

Next, lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on the centre of the body shape. These lines will help you draw the Tenna's face later. Now, draw three circles under the Tenna's body for its feet. One of the circles on the right side of the Tenna should overlap the one behind it. Make a small half circle on the bottom of the left side of the Tenna's body for its fourth foot.

Connect the Tenna's feet to its body with a few pairs of short lines. Next, add its distinctive antenna to the top of its head.

Using the lines you sketched in the second step, draw the Tenna's large eyes. Its right eye (the one on your left) will be much smaller than the other because the Tenna is slightly turned.