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A Tasu
Tasus are smart little Petpets that can be trained to perform all kinds of adorable tricks. Draw your very own picture of this precocious Petpet in just 11 easy steps!

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Start by drawing a large, slightly flattened circle for the Tasu's head. Lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines on the circle, which will help you place the Tasu's facial features later on. Next, make an oval that overlaps the head shape a bit for the Tasu's body. Finally, draw a curved line that connects to the bottom of the Tasu's body. This will become its tail.

Now, make two curved lines on top of the Tasu's head for its ears.

It's now time to begin drawing the Tasu's legs and paws. Make four small ovals for the Tasu's paws. One of its front paws is raised, so draw it a little higher than the others. Then, connect the paw shapes to the body shape with some lines.

Finish drawing the Tasu's legs and paws by filling out the legs and dividing each paw into three separate toes.