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This spooky Petpet may be icky, but at least it's easy to draw! Give it a try, and soon you'll have a Goople of your own.

Click here for a printable version.

First, start off with a rounded, lumpy shape for your Goople's body. Lightly sketch a pair of curved, crossed lines in the upper, centre part of the shape to serve as a guide for your Goople's face.

On either side of the vertical line you just drew, but above the horizontal one, add your Goople's eyes. Its right eye (the one on your left) is formed out of two curved lines that meet at either end in an almond shape. Next, add a circle for the Goople's pupil. The left eye (on your right) is made by drawing a U-shape with curving sides. Then, draw a circle inside the U-shape for the pupil, and add another curved line above the U-shape, near the very edge of the Goople's body shape. Finally, under the eyes, draw a wiggly line to form the Goople's upper lip.

Close the top of the U-shaped left eye with another wiggly line. Add a small bump between the Goople's eyes for its nose. Finish off the Goople's mouth by making a wide, U-shaped, curved line under the wiggly upper lip you drew. Connect this line to the upper lip with another, shorter, curved line. Give the Goople's mouth some detail by adding a tongue, and make some curvy lines on its body to show its lumpy, goopy texture.


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