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A Gallion
These energetic Petpets love to be the centre of attention, so why not make one the star of its very own drawing?

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for your Gallion's head. Then, on the lower lefthand side of the circle, make a small oval that overlaps the circle's edge. This will be the Gallion's snout. Finally, draw a large rounded shape under the Gallion's head for its body.

Connect the Gallion's head to its body with a pair of curved lines. Then, make another set of curved lines (these should meet in a point) coming from the back of the Gallion's head to form one of its horns. The other horn will mostly be hidden because the Gallion's head is turned, so just make a small triangular shape on top of the head circle for the tip of that horn. Lastly, draw the shapes for the Gallion's eyes. Its left eye (which is on your right) will be a large, lemon shape, while its right eye (on your left) will be a much smaller, narrower leaf shape, because the Gallion's head is turned to one side.

It's now time to draw your Gallion's legs. At the bottom of the body shape, make two large shapes for the Gallion's front legs. Its back legs will be partly hidden by the front ones, so draw a hint of the Gallion's right back leg (on your left) that peeks out from behind its front leg. Note that the Gallion's left back leg (which is on your right) will be larger. Then, add a wing to your Gallion's shoulder and draw its long tail behind the body shape.

Next, give a more distinctive shape to your Gallion's face. Finish its snout, and add spikes to its cheek and a brow ridge above its left eye (the one on your right). Then, start to work on the Gallion's face by drawing its mouth and nostrils. Also, don't forget to put some slit-like pupils in its eyes, along with a curved line for its iris (the coloured part of the eye).