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A Cyodrake
Now you can draw your very own picture of this powerful Petpet!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing two circles, one for the Cyodrake's head and one for its body. On the head circle, make an oval shape for the Petpet's snout. Finally, lightly sketch some lines on the snout and head to help you draw the Cyodrake's face later.

Connect the circles you made in the first step with two curved lines for the Cyodrake's neck. Then, draw an oval on the body circle for its left leg (on your right). Next, make a curved line on the left side of the Cyodrake's body for its right leg, which is partly hidden because the Cyodrake is turned. Lastly, add some large feet to the Petpet's legs.

Erase any extra lines you might have on your drawing. Next, draw the Cyodrake's left arm (which is on your right). Then, make a small circle at the end of the arm for its paw. Finally, draw a small bean-like shape at the Cyodrake's arm level. This will become its other paw.

It's now time to give the Cyodrake wings! Make two large pointed shapes behind the Petpet for its wings. Then, draw its tail. Be sure to include the pointy tip!