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A Bartamus
This Petpet may look grumpy, but it can be a fierce companion if it takes a liking to you. Draw your very own Bartamus in just eight easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by making a large circle for the Bartamus's body. Lightly sketch a line across it, which will help you to place the Bartamus's eyes later on.

Next, add two little horns to the top of the Bartamus's head. To make its feet, draw two small ovals under the circle you made in the first step.

It's now time to give your Bartamus its distinctive wings. Make two large wings behind it. Then, connect the Petpet's feet to its body with two pairs of short lines.

Let's give the face of your Bartamus some detail. Using the guide line you made in the first step, draw the Bartamus's eyes. They should look a bit grumpy. Next, give the Bartamus a frowning mouth with two pointy teeth sticking out of it. Finally, add claws to the tops of the Bartamus's wings.


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