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King Skarl
Though he is known for being grumpy and prone to eating too much, King Skarl has nevertheless ruled his kingdom with fairness and his own special brand of wisdom. Now, you can draw your very own picture of Meridell's grouchy monarch!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a small circle for the Kings head. Next, make a much larger circle beneath Skarl's head for his body. These two circles should overlap a bit.

Now, over the area where the two circles meet, draw a wide oval shape. Also, on the left side of the large body circle, sketch a small oval. On the right side of the King's body, make a little half-circle. These two shapes will eventually be Skarl's hands.

Give the King some feet to stand on by drawing two thin, flat ovals at the bottom of his body. Next, begin to fill in the King's form by making two wavy lines down the front of the body shape for his robes. These lines should extend behind his head and down to his feet as well. At this point, connect the shapes you drew for Skarl's hands to the lines you just made for his robes to form his arms. Finally, start giving his face a bit of detail by drawing his frowning mouth and his forehead, and then make two lines above Skarl's head for his Skeith ears.

Draw a line across the King's forehead to create his furrowed brow, and add a piece of hair to either side of his face. Finish drawing his robes, making sure to add a bit of fur to the cuffs of his sleeves. Last, separate his feet into three claws each.