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Cunning and resourceful, Nabile is a member of the band of thieves known as the Desert Scarabs. Now you can draw this quick-witted Sakhmetian in thirteen simple steps.

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Start by drawing Nabile's head, being sure to add a curved cross shape where her face will be to serve as your guide. Give her two leaf-shaped Ixi ears, and sketch in two short lines on the bottom of her head for a neck. Begin to form Nabile's body with a long, curved line for her back and shorter lines that will be the basis of her legs and torso. Don't forget her Ixi tail!

Next, work on Nabile's left arm (the one on your right). Start by connecting her neck and back with a curved line that forms her shoulder. For her upper arm, make a pair of slightly curved lines that come from Nabile's shoulder. To create her forearm, draw a narrow oval shape that meets her upper arm at an angle, because Nabile's arm is bent. On the wider end of the oval, make a trapezoid shape for Nabile's hand, and add three small rectangles for her fingers.

Sketch in Nabile's right arm and hand (on your left), which is behind her left arm. On the top of Nabile's head, draw in her ponytail.

Make two small triangular shapes on Nabile's forehead, which will form her Ixi horns. Using the guide lines that you made, draw Nabile's eyes and begin to shape her snout by adding a small nose and two curved lines for her mouth.

It's now time to give her head some more detail. Sketch in a slightly curved line across each eye to form her eyelashes, and add some circles to her eyes for pupils. Finish off her mouth and draw her fringe. Finally, add texture to her fur and horns.