Neopets - How to draw a mouldy potato

How to draw a thing mouldy potato : Printable Version

First, draw the outside bit of the potato. It's shaped kinda funny but not at all like the Pet Rock. Two completely different things!

And look! I didn't have to erase this time because I'm pretty good at this now. :D

Next are the lumpy things. I don't know what those are but they're there so we have to draw them. You'll probably be tempted to draw extra lumpies. Don't! Believe me; it's not worth the risk.

That's all the drawing there is! Cool, right? Stare at your masterpiece for a bit and perhaps show your friends and family how awesome it is. That's what I did.

The face is there just to show how to stare at it. You can draw it if you want, but then you should erase it since it's not part of the potato. *nod*

Colouring time! So again, we start with the shading. I learned some advanced techniques from an intern. You just make lots of circles for those freckle things. ^_^

Now we use this green/brown colour. I guess that's because this potato is mouldy. I should have done this before lunch. Bleeech.

Now a lighter shade of brown goes in. I guess this is the part that isn't mouldy? I dunno, it's too complicated. It's a good thing I practised, though, because I'd be pretty tired by now. >_<

The last brown goes in now. I saved colouring the lumpies for this step, too, because they're the same brown! That saves a lot of time!

And now you're done! Go get the same people you showed it to the first time and show them again because now it's more impressive if I do say so myself. If you want, print it out an hang it by your desk. Right by your desk lamp is good. Yeah, there.

Artists... pfft. Who needs 'em?