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The Rock
What can we say... it's a pet rock.

Click here for a printable version.

Since all the artists are on vacation, this How To Draw is brought to you by the programming department. We apologise in advance.
First, draw a strange circle in the shape of a rock. Rocks are kinda round but they have lumps and stuff.

If the circle is rubbish, you'll have to try again. You may cross it out in frustration, but that's okay. Vent your anger, then delete it and start over.

There! That's better.

For some reason, Rocks have a little indentation on their heads. Who knows why? *shrug* But you'll have to draw it anyway.

They also have another crease at the bottom. It could be that someone threw this rock before realizing it was a Petpet, leaving the Rock a bit dented, but we may never know. *ponders*

Next it's time to draw the Rock's face. It kinda has two eyes at the top and a mouth or something like that. This one looks sad, though. It's all wrong! ARGHHGHHHH!