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Lab Ray Scientist
This demented-looking Scorchio is the inventor and operator of the Secret Lab Ray, which can randomly change the gender, colour, species, and stats of a Neopet. Now you can draw your very own picture of him in just 11 easy steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing two circles for the Scientist's head and body. On the top circle, lightly sketch a pair of crossed lines to help you make the Scorchio's face later on.

Next, connect the Scientist's head to his body with a pair of lines. Then, draw a small circle and oval for his hands and two small, flat ovals for his feet.

Now, use pairs of curved lines to connect the shapes you made for the Scorchio's hands and feet to his body.

It's now time to start drawing the Scientist's face. On the lower part of his face, make the Scorchio's cheeks and snout. Then, make two round shapes for his eyes.