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Though he makes his living as a pirate on the high seas, Jacques is a loyal and true friend. He's saved Garin's life many times and even risked his own safety to help protect New Maraqua from the malevolent Captain Scarblade and his crew. Now, you can honour this brave sailor by drawing your very own picture of him!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by making an oval for Jacques's head. Then, make a long, curving line that starts at the bottom of the head oval. This line will help you draw Jacques's body. Finally, along the line that you just drew, make a large, rounded shape for Jacques's torso.

It's now time to start working on Jacques's arms and legs. Draw four lines that come from the body shape you made in the first step - two on the upper part of his body and two on the lower. At the end of each upper line, make a circle for Jacques's hands. On the lower lines, make some flattened oval shapes for Jacques's feet.

Erase any extra lines you might have on your drawing. Next, start working on Jacques's face. First, connect his head to his body with two short lines for his neck. Then, draw his eyes, nose, and open mouth. Keep in mind that, because his head is turned, his right eye (the one on your left) will appear smaller than the other. Finally, make Jacques's large Kyrii ears and the headband that lies across his forehead.

Erase your leftover lines, and then begin working on Jacques's limbs. First, draw his right arm (which is on your left side). It's raised and bent, and since Jacques is holding his sword in his right hand, also draw the sword's handle clutched in his fist. Then, make the pirate's breeches, lower legs, and feet. Remember to divide his feet into two separate toes.