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The Zafara
Zafaras are strange looking creatures, but with the aid of this step by step guide you will be drawing your very own Zafara with ease. Click here for a printable version.

Zafara's are really made up of three overlapping circles. First draw once large circle for your body. Then on top of this and off to the left draw a smaller circle for the chest. Above this circle draw a circle for the head. Join the head and chest together and then drived the head into quarters, like so.

Add your Zafara's ears on to your head and draw a curved line for your Zafara's jaw. Lastly join the chest and body together with one small line.

Now you need to add the legs. Draw a curved line coming from the chest to about halfway down the body. This will be your Zafara's left thigh. Underneath this, add your Zafara's foot. Then draw the right thigh and foot. This can be quite difficult, the best thing to do is to try and copy this drawing as closely as possible.

Draw on two paws (they are very similar in shape to Kangaroos). The paws should droop down from half way up your chest to the bottom of your body. Then draw two curved lines to form your Zafara's tail. At the end of the tail draw an almost heart shape, like so.