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The Wocky
Wockys can be quite tricky to draw, but with this step by step guide, you will soon be drawing your very own Wockys in no time. Click here for a printable version.

Draw three circles, approximately the same size overlapping each other as shown. These will become your Wocky's head and body.

Next add two triangle shapes on either side of the top circle. These will form your Wocky's ears. Add your Wocky's collar by drawing a line from the bottom of the top circle until half way down the middle circle. Then connect this line back up to the upper circle on the other side. Then draw four cylinder shapes under the lower circle to become your Wocky's legs.

Now add your Wocky's tail. Draw a curvy line to one side of your Wocky's body like so. Don't forget a triangle at he top for the very tip of the tail. Now add a little detail inside each ear by drawing a slightly smaller triangle shape.