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The Poogle
The Poogle is one of Neopia's most popular pets. It is friendly, cute and loveable and it is very simple to draw. This page will show you how to draw a Poogle face on. Once you have mastered that you can draw the Poogle in any position you want to. Click here for a printable version.

A Poogle's body is made up of one circle and it's head is another slightly bigger circle. Overlap the larger circle so it comes about halfway into the smaller one. Then draw on 2 triangles for ears and two ovals for the legs. Draw a line across the center of the Poogle's face to show you where the eyes should go.

Next add on a Circle for the nose and 2 more circles for the eyes. Draw a line at the top of each eye to get the correct shape.

Now you need to add the Poogle's cheeks. These are 2 circles between the eyes and nose. Draw a line down the center of each ear. Don't forget to draw in a little smile under the nose:)