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The Ogrin
A newcomer to Neopia, the Ogrin has a deep respect for the natural world and loves to admire the plant life while exploring forests. Now you can draw your very own Ogrin in just twelve simple steps!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a medium-sized lopsided circle for the Ogrin's head. To make the Ogrin's snout, add a smaller circle to the lower righthand side of the head shape.

A little below the head shape, draw a tilted oval, which will become the front half of the Ogrin's body. To finish off the body shape, make a lopsided circle that overlaps the oval you just drew. Together, the two shapes should almost form a heart. Next, connect the Ogrin's head to its body with a long, cylindrical shape for its neck. Finally, below the body, draw three rounded shapes with flat bottoms for the Ogrin's feet. Remember to leave a bit of space between the feet and the body, since that is where you'll draw the Ogrin's long legs. Also, one of the Ogrin's front feet should be smaller and slightly behind the other, since the Ogrin is turned. Because the Ogrin's fourth foot is hidden, there's no need to draw it.

Now connect the Ogrin's feet to its body by making pairs of lines that go from the body shape to its feet. The Ogrin's back leg should also have a little curved line at the top (for its haunch).

Give your Ogrin a pair of ears by adding two long loops to the top of its head. Also, include a mane of fur at the base of the Ogrin's neck.