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The Mynci
Now you can drawn the cheeky little Mynci in 10 easy steps. We recommend using a pencil so it is easier to change if you make a mistake.

Click here for a printable version.

Begin by drawing a large circle for your Mynci's head. Then divide the head into quarters like so. Next draw a squarish shape coming from the bottom of your circle. This will form your Mynci's chest.

Draw two circular shapes, one of either side of the head, these will be the ears. The centre of the circle should be roughly on the line that goes across your Mynci's face. Next draw two circles to make your Mynci's feet, you should now have something similar to this picture.

Now draw on two curvy shapes for your Mynci's arms. These are quite tricky and its is best to just try to copy the shapes in this picture. Finally draw two lines from the underneath of your arms to your feet. This will be your Mynci's body.