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The Kougra
With a little bit of practice you will soon be drawing this Mystery Island native. Warning this can be a little bit tricky.

Click here for a printable version.

Start off with two circles, one on top of each other. Make the top circle slightly smaller than the bottom one.

The top circle is going to be your Kougra's head. Draw an almost diamond shape around the top circle and add two circles to form ears. Underneath the lower circle draw two overlapping semi-circular shapes for paws. Make the right semi-circle slightly larger than the left.

Inside the lower circle draw another smaller circle. This will be your Kougra's shoulder blade. Now join your paws to the body, like so. Erase a few lines inside your Kougra's head and make the neck slightly thicker by adding two lines.

Remove a few lines in your Kougra's body to clear things up a little bit. Give your Kougra's body a little more shape by adding a curved line on the left hand side. On the right draw a circle with a small semi-circular paw shape underneath it. This will be the right back leg. Lastly draw on your Kougra's tail.