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The Kau
In just 10 easy steps you can draw your very own Kau!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a small circle which you then split into two halves. Then draw a larger circle around it.

Draw three small circles underneath the large one. These will become your Kau's legs. You can only see three legs clearly, but add a small circular shape for the fourth leg. Draw a curved line through each of the small circles, then join the circles to the body to form the rest of the leg.

Now add a little detail to your Kau's face. Draw a circular shape for the muzzle, then add curved lines on either side to create cheeks. Next draw two almost circular shapes on either side of your Kau's head for ears.

Draw two horn shapes just above your Kau's ears. You will only be able to see one whole eye, so draw a large almond shape on the right side of your Kau's face. Draw a curved line on the left side to look like the second eye. Lastly draw a small triangular shape for your Kau's tail and add a tuft of hair onto the end of it.