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The Ixi
In just a few simple steps you will have drawn your very own lovable little Ixi.

Click here for a printable version.

Begin by drawing one large circle. This will be your Ixi's head. Then draw a smaller circular shape underneath This will be your Ixi's muzzle.

Next draw two more overlapping circles to create the body shape. Join the first circle to the muzzle with two lines. This will create your Ixi's neck.

Now you need to add the forelegs. First draw one circle, that overlaps your two body circles. This will be the right leg. Then draw two curved lines to create the rest of the leg. Then draw a circular shape slightly below your body. Then join it to your body with two curved lines, like so.

The back legs aren't really that visable in this pose. Draw on the right back leg by adding a circular shape just below the body. Then draw a small curved line just below the body circle to make the leg a little more defined. For the other leg, try to copy this image as closely as possible. Finally draw a small tail shape on the top of your Ixi's behind.