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The Hissi
Draw this slithery Neopian in eight easy steps! Click here for a printable version.

Begin by sketching an oval-shaped head. Next, make a curvy L-shaped body that's connected to the head. Remember to add the end of the Hissi's tail so that it peeks out from the lower right side (your left) of its body.

Next, add a pair of rounded triangle shapes for the Hissi's wings, two almond shapes for its eyes, and a smaller oval for its snout.

We're now going to modify the head so that it looks more like a Hissi's. Thin out the face, add arches above the eyes, and give the snout a mouth.

Erase any extra lines that you might have. Then, give the Hissi's body more detail by adding curved horizontal stripes down the length of its stomach.