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The Elephante
Now you can draw one of Neopia's heaviest inhabitants. The Elephante is quite a simple shape to draw and you should have no problems following this guide. Click here for a printable version.

Begin by drawing two circles, one on top of the other. Draw a cross shape through the top circle. This will act as a guide when you are adding the eyes, trunk, etc.

Next draw two circle at either side of your lower circle. Join them to the lower circle (your Elephante's body) as shown in the picture.

Add a small circle onto the bottom of the right side of your Elephante, this will form your Elephante's tail. Next draw a little wing shape onto the back of your Elephante. Lastly draw two circular shapes (slightly smaller than the feet) and join them to your Elephante's body like so. If you get stuck, just try to copy the image.