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The Draik
By following these simple steps you will be able to draw the cutest dragon in Meridell - the Draik! Warning, this is quite a challenging one, if you are only just starting to draw, this may notbe the best Neopet to begin with.

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing two circles, one rounder than the other. The rounder circle will be your Draik's head. The more squished in circle will become your Draik's body.

Split the rounder circle into quarters like so. Then draw a smaller circle that overlaps the bottom right quarter. This will be your Draik's snout. Draw one more circle that overlaps your Draik's body, this will be your Draik's chest.

Now you need to join everything together. Draw a narrow neck joining the head and body together. Then draw a curly tail shape. The easiest thing to do is to try and copy this image as closely as possible.

Now erase the line where the two circles overlapped to form the body. Draw on two small arm shapes with circles at either end.