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The Chomby
Now you can draw Tyrannia's hungriest inhabitant, the Chomby. It's quite simple to draw as you will see :) Click here for a printable version.

Begin by drawing three circles like so. These will form your Chomby's body and head.

Next, draw four cylinders which will become your Chomby's legs. Join the smaller circle (your Chomby's head) to the larger circle (the body) by drawing two curved lines as shown here.

Now draw your Chomby's tail, it is easiest to just try to copy the one shown here. You also need to add a little detail to your Chomby's face. Draw a curved line towards the bottom of your head to form your Chomby's mouth. Then draw a small bump where the back of the head and neck join.

Now erase your guidelines and you should be left with something similar to this. As you see your Chomby is starting to take shape.